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  • Association of Advertisers in Ireland (Minute Books)
  • IMPACT Archive (IMPACT News & Work & Life)
  • Irish Pirate Radio Archive
  • Kevin Kenny Advertising Ltd
  • National Union of Journalists (Minute Books)
  • NearFM Archive (Community Radio)
  • Press Photographers Association of Ireland (2009 Onward)
  • Slattery’s Camera Circle Archive (Press Photographers Competition 1960s–2000)
  • Union of Students of Ireland


  • Conor Brady Papers (Editor, Sunday Tribune, Irish Times)
  • Joe Carroll Papers (Journalist, Irish Press, Sunday Tribune, Irish Times)
  • Basil Clancy Papers (Hibernia, Teenage Times, Memoirs)
  • Niall Connolly Papers (Managing Editor, Irish Press)
  • Farrel Corcoran Papers (Chair, RTÉ Authority)
  • Horace Denham Papers (Irish Times, Advertising Assoc.)
  • James Downey Papers (Irish Times, Irish Independent, Business & Finance)
  • Jim Eadie Papers (Irish Organiser, NUJ)
  • Des Fisher Papers (Journalist, Carlow Nationalist, Catholic Herald, RTÉ)
  • Douglas Gageby Papers (Editor, Irish Times, Editorial Books)
  • John Horgan Papers (Journalist, Radio, Newspaper Industry, Broadcasting)
  • Rosaline Kelly Papers (NUJ, First Female President)
  • Colum Kenny Papers (Journalist, RTÉ, Sunday Independent, BAI)
  • Mary Kenny Papers (Journalist, Irish Press, Irish Independent, Playwright)
  • Hugh Lambert Papers (Editor, Irish Press, author ‘Discover Dublin’)


  • Seán Lester Papers (Journalist, Sec. Gen. League of Nations, Diaries)
  • Michael Mills Papers (Pol. Corr., Irish Press, Ombudsman)
  • Frank McDonald (Environment Editor, Irish Times)
  • Louis McRedmond Papers (Editor, Irish Independent)
  • Gerry Mulvey Papers (Journalist, Irish Times)
  • Mary Mulvihill Papers (Journalist, Author, Science Comm., Irish Times)
  • Gerry Murphy Papers (Independent Newspapers, News-Room Diaries)
  • Tom O’Dea Papers (TV Critic, Irish Press)
  • Louis O’Neill Papers (MD, Irish Times)
  • Dick O’Riordan Papers (Editor, Evening Press, The Leader, Evening News)
  • Cathal O’Shannon Papers (Journalist, Irish Times, RTÉ)
  • Michael O’Toole Papers (Journalist, Irish Press)
  • Mary Raftery Papers (In Dublin, Irish Times, RTÉ)
  • Helena Sheehan Papers (RTÉ TV Drama)
  • J. Leslie Sibbald Papers (Royal Commemoration Newspapers)
  • Brian Trench Papers (Journalist, NUJ [Freelance], ISJA, FOI, NI
  • Fintan G. Tuke Papers (The Observer’s Ireland Rep. 1960s)

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